MT8811 Project Work

MT8811 Project Work

Students in the form of group, not exceeding 3 members in a group to carry out their main project. It should be a Mechatronics project. However, special considerations can be given for interdisciplinary measurement and computer based simulation projects. This exception should be recorded and approved by the department committee. Management related projects will not be allowed. The interdisciplinary projects will carry more weight age. It is mandatory to publish their main project in national/international level conferences to appear in the viva-voce exam.


After successful completion of this course, the students should be able to

CO1: Design, analyze, realize / simulate a physical system by using the technology they learnt during the program.
CO2: Integrate various systems into one Mechatronics product.
CO3: Work in a team with confined time duration.
CO4: Disseminate his work both in oral and written format.