FT8501 Garment Construction II Notes

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Operation breakdown for shirts, trousers,
jackets, waist coats,
T shirts, casual bottoms,
material flow, cut component progresses,
machinery allocation, man power allocation.


Operation breakdown for blouse variations,
dresses, skirt variations,
kameez, salwar, lingeries,
material flow, cut component progresses,
machinery allocation, man power allocation.


Line set up,
production line balancing,
different production system,
manual system,
make through system,
batch production system,
progressive bundle system,
straight line system,
progressive bundle system,
conveyor belt system,
unit production system ,
modular production system,
quick response system and Just in time system.


Raw material,
in process and final inspection,
analysis of sewing ability of fabrics,
care labeling.


Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to know,

  • Operation breakdown for various mens’s and women’s garments
  • Different manufacturing systems and inspection
  • Garment dyeing and finishing


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