Ce8461 hydraulic engineering laboratory

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A. Flow Measurement

  1. Calibration of Rotameter
  2. Calibration of Venturimeter / Orificemeter
  3. Bernoulli’s Experiment

B.Losses in Pipes

4.Determination of friction factor in pipes
5. Determination of min or losses

C. Pumps

  1. Characteristics of Centrifugal pumps
  2. Characteristics of Gear pump
  3. Characteristics of Submersible pump
  4. Characteristics of Reciprocating pump

D. Turbines

  1. Characteristics of Pelton wheel turbine
  2. Characteristics of Francis turbine/Kaplan turbine

E. Determination of Metacentric height

12.Determination of Metacentric height of floating bodies


  • The students will be able to measure flow in pipes and determine frictional losses.
  • The students will be able to develop characteristics of pumps and turbines.


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  1. One set up of Rotometer
  2. One set up of Venturimeter/Orifice meter
  3. One Bernoulli’s Experiment set up
  4. One set up of Centrifugal Pump
  5. One set up of Gear Pump
  6. One set up of Submersible pump
  7. One set up of Reciprocating Pump
  8. One set up of Pelton Wheel turbine
  9. One set up of Francis turbines/one set of kaplon turbine
  10. One set up of equipment for determination of Metacentric height of floating bodies
  11. One set up for determination of friction factor in pipes
  12. One set up for determination of minor losses.